Changes In Latitudes is the country’s premier tribute show to singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett, the master of the tropical life style. You will be musically transported to somewhere between the Caribbean and the South Pacific. Every show is a party, with leis and beach balls flying, and dancing conga lines. Changes In Latitudes recreates the complete Jimmy Buffett concert experience with amazing authenticity. With a full tropical stage set-up, you will believe that you are at a Buffett show before they play a note. Leader Steve Kareta mimics Jimmy’s casual, storyteller style, taking you on a laid-back musical trip through the sun-drenched waters of the Caribbean.


  • Gold: $30
  • Silver: $25
  • Bronze: $20

Subscribers can get any seat for $15.  Must login to Portal to get discounted Subscriber price.

Groups of 12 or more, save 20%