Free admission to performance ticket holders! Meet a company member or arts expert at our pre-show chats where you will discover the magic behind the scenes. These chats will enhance your performance experience and you’ll have to opportunity to ask the experts questions.

Limited seating in the Museum of Florida Art and Culture is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Backstage Scoops begin at 6:00 pm and doors open 15 minutes prior to each talk.

The Evolution of the Broadway Musical Jan. 16                                                                                                            The Golden Age of Broadway began in the 40s and continued through the 60s. In the 70s, politics, music and the media changed the Broadway musical. Join a professional theater director as we reveal the new age of the musical.

The Science of Sound and the Art of Sound Mixing Feb. 13                                                                                              Our most popular Backstage Scoop! “Why is the music so loud?” “I can’t hear the pianist.” “I don’t understand the words.” Come learn about the art of mixing sound and the science of hearing with SFSC Technical Director, Gil Carney, and Lampe & Kiefer Hearing Aid Center.

Watt’s Up with Stage Lighting Feb. 28 Backstage Scoops begins at 2:00 pm                                                                        Do you know what to do with a gobo? What are shinbusters? What’s the purpose of a ghost light? Meet our resident lighting designer, John Snow, and learn the lingo and tricks of the trade.

Meet the Brass…Family March 11                                                                                                                                  Discover the family of labrosones and find out some interesting tidbits about brass instruments like the bugle, euphonium and vuvuzela.

The Making of South Pacific March 27                                                                                                                                Based on the stories of a real-life U.S.Navy commander who was stationed on an island, this pre-show talk will delight you with little known anecdotes about the creation of this Pulitzer Prize musical.