The Young People’s Theatre is live theater performed by national touring companies geared for specific age groups, open to school children and home-schooled students. Each year this series has provided opportunities for thousands of school age children to attend outstanding performances of an enriching and educational nature.

2020-21 Young People’s Theatre Lineup

SFSC Performing Arts regrets that, due to current covid-19 restrictions, educational performances for school groups has been cancelled for the fall and winter of 2020.  For many young people in our community attending one of our professional Young People’s Theater performances is their first introduction to the thrill and excitement of live theater.  We look forward to welcoming school groups back to our 1460-seat venue.

Please check back for information on spring performances.

Fan mail from Brayden, a student at Memorial Park Elementary School.

Scene from the production of Four Score and Seven Years Ago presented by Arts Power.